Car Paint Protection Film

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C & J Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

What is PPF?

Paint Protection Film (PPF)  is a clear thermoplastic urethane film, applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

The film is also used on RVs, cell phones, screens, airplanes, electronics, motorcycles, and many other items that require protection of its painted surface. Paint Protection Film is OEM (original equipment manufacturing) and is approved by virtually all car manufacturers and their warrantees.

At C & J, only the highest quality paint protection film is used. C & J exclusively uses XPEL ULTIMATE & STEALTH  Paint Protection Film for all its installations. Glossy or matte finish, with C & J, you can rest assured that the highest quality product is being used to protect your vehicle.

Vinyl Wrapping

​What is Vinyl Wrapping?

Vinyl Wrapping is color customized version of protection film made out of industrial strength vinyl. By applying individual sheets of vinyl to a vehicle, we can change the color to create a new, fresh, and clean look. The vinyl completely covers the original paintwork of the vehicle, while protecting the vehicle as well. The vinyl protects the vehicle from stone chips and minor abrasions caused through general wear and tear. If any section of the vehicle becomes damaged, the vinyl can be replaced or repaired in that section without having to rewrap the entire vehicle. Vinyl wrapping is not restricted to the entire vehicle. A client can choose to customize any aspect of the car's exterior with vinyl wrapping to alter the appearance of the vehicle, while having peace of mind in the vehicle's protection.

At C & J, only the highest quality vinyl wrappings are provided in any color or style desired... glossy, matte, stripes, and even decals. ​​