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Our motto is "Always treat the client with the highest of quality!"

Car Paint Protection Film




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C & J Paint Protection Film

C & J prides itself on providing quality, organized, and clean work! 


Delivering the best product and service possible is the most important priority at C & J. Communication with the client to ensure that expectations are carried out to customer satisfaction is integral in achieving the look and protection the client deserves for his or her vehicle. Your car is an extension of you, and C & J wants you to drive that vehicle with pride.

Each service begins with a personal consultation with the client to ensure your vehicle will have that personal touch you desire. Once the service is completed, the technician will inspect the vehicle with the client before handing back the keys. By doing so, C & J can make sure their motto of "Always treat the client with the highest of quality!" is achieved.

C & J prides itself on its reputation of excellent craftsmanship and professional execution of work! 

 As a corporate client, your reputation is important to C & J. We understand that customer satisfaction of our services provided for your company is a reflection of you as well. C & J is committed to the completion of a job to PERFECTION the first time. Punctual, clean, and organized timely execution of the specified job is important to both you and C & J. From the beginning steps of competitive bidding to the final inspection phase, your company can be ensured that working together with C & J is both cost beneficial and  advantageous to your customer's satisfaction and approval. When working with a corporate client, our motto of "Always treat the client with the highest of quality!" works double time.

Personal Client


At C & J, we are committed to providing high quality services with the professionalism and reliability you deserve.

Whether you are a corporate dealership, a locally recognized auto body specialist, a lifelong car enthusiast, or anything in between, C & J believes you are entitled to the best service available with the most competitive rates offered in the industry.


At C & J, convenience makes all the difference. 

Our technicians are prepared to come to you! All of our services can be performed at your residence or company's location. C & J's ability to provide on site services allows you to protect your vehicle, while protecting your most important asset... your time.